Graham Tudor

Graham Tudor retired as Hon. Secretary to The Kenya Police Association at our AGM in June 2016 after twenty years of hard work, administering the Association very efficiently.

Graham’s wife, Kerry, gave full backing and support to Graham during that period, helping with computer work and arrangements for our annual functions.

Unfortunately, Graham suffered a mini stroke recently and around the same time Kerry also endured health problems, so this fine partnership needed to end. Graham passed the Hon. Secretary task over to fellow Committee Member, Tarsem Rumpal and moved, with unanimous approval, to the post of President of our Association, where his experience and wise advice will valuable to us all.

Graham spent thirteen years in The Kenya Police, serving in The NFD, Nyeri and Nairobi.

The Committee and all Members thank Graham and Kerry for their hard work and dedication the Kenya Police Association and wish them well in health in the coming years.