The 2014 Curry Lunch

Brilliant Restaurant, Southall

Sunday 19th October 2014

 The Curry Lunch, attended by forty-seven KPA Members and families, was the usual lively affair.  Conversation, jokes and stories flowed at the usual high decibel level as everyone enjoyed meeting friends and comrades again.

Our Chairman Paddy Kearney welcomed everyone with his usual charm and wit and we all tucked in to the good curry lunch our Brilliant Restaurant always provides.

John Newton had the sad duty of reading out the list of those who passed away since last year.  This is now an annual burden brought about by the passing of over sixty years since many of us served Crown and Kenya and is, no doubt, to be expected.

John also spoke of the Living History book being put together and reminded everyone to send in their stories, anecdotes and experiences for inclusion.

The disappointing low attendance, mainly due to age, infirmity and illness did not dim the enjoyment of those attending and we kept up the spirit of those days in Kenya we all remember so well.

Among those unable to come were Graham and Kerry Tudor, both taken unexpectedly ill in the weeks before our event. 

We send good wishes to all those who could not attend for whatever reason and hope for recovery for those who were ill.

Next year we hope to meet again at the same time in the same place.

John Newton

The Youngest and The Oldest Members of KPA!

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